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Some like it as a prelude to more severe discipline; others have it as the main course. Either way, there’s nothing like a sound over the knee spanking for putting a naughty boy or girl back in their place. If you are new to the scene then I am the perfect Mistress to give you a gentle introduction. Those of you with more experience will be surprised at just how hard I can spank.

Having been a Mistress for over ten years now, I can say that I have only been giving serious spankings for the last five years. At first my hand would hurt too much for me to consider giving anyone a prolonged spanking. My fingers would bang together and I would be left with bruises on my palm. Five years down the line this is no longer an issue. As I start to spank a naughty bottom the skin on my hand seems to toughen, and although it turns hot and red, it doesn’t hurt at all. I have on many occasions caused grown men to cry out the safety word and jump from my lap in surprise, rubbing their throbbing bottom cheeks.

Those who have been over my knee for a spanking will also know how much I enjoy doing it. I just love the sight of a naughty boy or girl standing before me after a good telling off, hanging their head in shame and knowing exactly what now awaits them. I love to pull them across my lap and place my hand on the seat of their trousers or the back of their skirt. I warm them up for a while by spanking them with their clothes but that doesn’t last for too long and I soon have their trousers down and they always end up with their underpants around their ankles. It’s not just the pain that counts. No-there is something far more significant in this type of punishment scenario; the humiliation of it all. How I love to hear a naughty boy or girl protest: “Oh no, please Miss, not on the bare!” But it inevitably is on the bare.

Though I may give a warm up spanking over the trousers and then the underpants, I take real pleasure in getting a naughty boy to stand up while I undo his button and zip and let his trousers fall to his ankles. I also love tugging at the waistband of a naughty girl or boy’s undergarments while they are still across my lap. I then slowly peel their undergarments down the backs of their thighs revealing their bare cheeks for a really good bare bottom spanking!

Sometimes a hand spanking is just not enough and on those occasions I love using the slipper and I make sure that it really hurts. It's a size 13 slipper so each spank covers a large area of bare bottom and leaves a lovely red patch as evidence of its punishing power. It's not long before all the red patches merge into one and at that point a good slippering really comes into its own. The cheeks wobble as the slipper slaps its stinging message hard across the naughty bare bottom and I really enjoy it. Here's a picture of my size 13 slipper. Do you think you could take it?