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What can I say? Canes are my favourite of all punishment implements. I love handling them . . . . . I love the singing noise they make as they swish through the air…but above all I love it when that swishing noise is followed by a crack as the cane lands on a naughty bare bottom.

I have a good selection of canes; some purchased by me and some given to me or made for me by caning enthusiasts. I have both straight and crook-handled canes and I have included some photos for you to see what I have.

For some enthusiasts of the cane the choice between crook or straight handle is not too significant an issue while for others it is of paramount importance. In my experience, though, the majority seem to prefer a crook, especially those who are into the school scene.

However, I must say from my point of view that although a crook handle is visually more pleasing, the crook actually serves very little purpose. I mean, it’s not as if you hold the actual crook when giving a caning. If you did, it would weaken your grip, which would cause weaker, more inaccurate strokes. I am happy to use both crook and straight handled canes. It just means that when I use a crook handled cane I hold it slightly lower down!

I have an excellent caning technique and I am noted among enthusiasts of the cane for my accuracy. But I was not always like this. Delivering a good, accurate caning is not an easy thing. It is not a case of hitting someone over and over again with a thin stick. I have in my fetish photo collection a picture of a bottom I caned about seven years ago when I was not particularly good at giving a caning and it is a terrible sight, with misplaced strokes all over the place! I’m far better now!

A good caning technique is something that takes some time to achieve, and is dependent on several different factors. Firstly there is the vital issue of where you stand in relation to the person being caned. The best way to position yourself to cane someone is slightly to the side of them so you are not standing parallel to or facing their bottom. You should also make sure that you are far enough away from them to ensure that the tip of the cane is not protruding past the buttock furthest away from you, as this can cause a “wrapping round” effect, meaning that the person being caned suffers the agony of the cane whipping and marking their bony hip area which is completely wrong.

Secondly there is the matter lining up the cane before starting. A caning should not be commenced with the arm in an upright position, as this can lead to the first and then other strokes landing inaccurately. The best way to achieve accuracy is to place the cane in the position you intend it to land first, and give a few practice taps before giving any serious strokes.

I have also discovered that to cane the same spot all the time is a bad thing as it leads to weak spots that cut easily. The best way to cane without this happening is to cane all over the bottom from the top of the bum crack right down to just above the tops of the thighs. Click the play button to hear me laying on six of the best across a naughty bare bottom.

If you would like to find out how good I am at caning, then contact me and arrange an appointment. I could be dealing with you soon!